Xiao Mains | Genshin Impact


Description / Rules

A Genshin Impact community dedicated to Xiao. Join for emojis, server events, theorycrafting, and a welcoming community!



  1. No toxicity.
    Let’s keep the server atmosphere welcoming and friendly. Be kind and respectful to all members. We have a zero tolerance policy towards raiding, doxxing, baiting, or trolling.
  2. No controversial or awkward topics.
    Do not attempt to promote unrelated discussions that divides our community. This includes sensitive topics such as religion, politics, and abuse.
  3. No NSFW.
    This is a strictly SFW server, so NSFW will not be tolerated. We in particular have a zero tolerance policy towards any sexualization of underage characters/people.
  4. No drama from other servers.
    We do not permit discussing outside drama from other servers, including any moderation punishments (mutes, warns, bans) you may have received elsewhere.
  5. Stay on topic.
    Please post content in the appropriate channels and avoid spamming.
  6. No advertising and self-promotion.
    This is not an advertising server. Any promotion outside of ⁠》self·promotion will be immediately removed, unless permitted by staff. Unsolicited DM advertisements will also be punished.
  7. English only.
    Avoid speaking in any other languages. Common phrases are an exception to this rule. Exception also applies to if the actual topic relates to a foreign language.
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