Work From Home


Description / Rules

Welcome to Work From Home!

This channel houses the very few and basic rules for the server. PLEASE OBSERVE ALL THE RULES IN EVERY CHANNEL OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SERVER!

  1. No shaming. That includes race, religion, creed, culture, employer, family structure, relationship structure, body type, hair color, movie fandom, political fandom, or whether you like clicky pens or stick.
  2. Don’t flood chats. If you’re unfamiliar that means don’t repeatedly post messages to the extent that yours are almost exclusively what anyone’s screen shows. Try and keep thoughts in a row down to about four messages tops before someone else gets to speak. If you have a long story to tell get your room mate’s buy-in before you do so. Something like “OMG, I just ended the most annoying call! Can I share?”
  3. Use basic chat etiquette. Don’t PM anyone except a moderator without permission.
  4. No blatant advertising. Telling folks you just got this new awesome thingy is fine. Telling every channel to “Go to and use offer code ‘orihvorar’ to get 15% off your purchase now. Supplies are limited!” Is not okay. Use common sense with this rule and if you’re not sure ask a mod.
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