Wintery Hero Programmers


Description / Rules

Our goal is to create an awesome learning environment for anyone interested in learning to code.

Rules and Guidelines
This is the official discord server of Programming Hero volunteers. To preserve the original purpose of this server and to maintain the members’ safety, the following are absolutely NOT allowed in the server:

1) Appearance
Any kind of inappropriate and/or NSFW avatar, banner, usernames. Your username must be easily mentionable in English; otherwise, we reserve the right to change your nickname.

2) Behavior
Trolling, disrespecting server staff, attempting to evade punishment, threats, harassment, spamming, sharing NSFW content, and malicious links will be rewarded with an immediate ban.

3) Conversation
Elitism, discussing offensive or controversial material, slang words, encouraging others to break the rules, conflicts between other members, promotional server invite links.

4) Insubordination
Not using proper channels, unnecessary pings, speaking languages not understood by the members, trying to ping @everyone and @here.

5) Others
Stalking, disturbing members in their DM, asking for staff roles, and playing with the rules will result in a timeout or temporary ban.

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