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Description / Rules


➛ We expect you to treat everyone with the same amount of respect and consideration that you’d also want to receive. Rudeness, bullying, threats, harassment, unsolicited negative comments, name-calling or any slurs, and drama mongering can warrant a kick or ban. Consider what you’re saying and how it’s being said. If it’s not helpful, needed, or product, then don’t say it!

➛ Debating is strongly discouraged. Especially including real-world subjects, as well as subjects that could lead to any discourse. Moderators can decide to shut down a topic at any time; every user involved expected to drop the topic and move on. Those who do not may face a timeout, silence or kick.

➛ Always be sure to check a user’s pronoun roles, as well as any information regarding pings in a user’s profile and respect their privacy.

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