Web3 Jobs


Description / Rules

Hey there! Welcome to the server. I’m so excited to have you here and I hope we can build the best WEB3 community here.

New jobs will be posted daily in the “JOBS” channels automatically and you can also find them on our website: https://web3jobs.so/.

You must follow the server’s rules at all times:

  1. Be respectful and civil!
  2. No promotions, spam, or irrelevant links unless otherwise permitted by a staff member.
  3. 18+ or NSFW content is prohibited. This includes violence, sex, drugs, nudity, or any other graphically disturbing content.
  4. Discriminatory language and hate speech are forbidden.
  5. Avoid talking about controversial topics.
  6. Creating sub servers with the intent of moving our members with the goal of self-benefit is not allowed!
  7. Use the right channels.
  8. Posting job offers in this server is prohibited. All jobs must be posted on our website so that we can review them and ensure they’re legit: https://web3jobs.so/
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