WALL-E Teaches Crypto


Description / Rules

These are the written rules, remember you can be punished for something that is not listed!

  1. Keep Content Family Friendly
    Absolutely no NSFW (gore, sexual, anything Not-Safe-For-Work) material
  2. No Unauthorized Links
    Unless the link is informational about crypto or a GIF then don’t post the link. Absolutely no links with malicious intent or discord server links!
  3. No Spamming
    Do not mass ping, ping everyone/here, send repeat messages, send mass emojis
  4. Do not impersonate
    If you are found impersonating an Exchange bot or any of the Staff you will be banned and reported to mutual servers 😊
  5. Usernames
    Do not use an un-pingable username, and don’t beg for crypto using your username (e.g. WALL-E | Pls tip BTC)
  6. Begging
    DO NOT BEG!! You’re getting free crypto there’s no need to be greedy and ask for more
  7. Staff Have The Last Word
    Staff always have the last word so whatever they say go, don’t come complain to me because you don’t agree
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