Description / Rules

The oceanic region’s unofficial community hub for VALORANT, providing the best space for LFG, events, giveaways and more.

We like to make sure you have fun and enjoy your stay here, these rules are here for a reason.
Anyone seen violating these rules will be punished based on the severity off the case and do not abuse or argue with Staff it won’t help your case.

We are unable to cover all possibilities here meaning that if something is not covered here but still does not belong here, a member of staff will issue you a warning and then moderate as they see fit.
If you are told by a member of staff that something is not permitted, you are to discontinue that action.

Be Nice
We encourage members to socialise with each other. We understand banter is normal but staff will draw the line at harassment, bullying, name calling or any type of discrimination.

Stay on topic
Keep all chat on topic, within their respective text/voice channels and Valorant related as possible.
We provide a number of channels for topics not specifically Valorant related. This means any overflow from these channels will not be accepted.

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