Description / Rules

The community-run VALORANT Mobile Discord. Find latest news regarding game and development process!


Respect and follow the Riot Games Terms of Service, Discord Terms of Service and Discord Guidelines.
English only! Server main language is English. Speak English in text and voice channels.
No harassment! Be respectful to everyone. Do not insult anyone. No racism and sexism. Stay away from making offensive political discussions. Respect to people’s personal preferences and personal views.
Use right channels, right way! Use channels for their purpose. Do not texting on media channels. Disturbing speaking and sound effects are not allowed in voice channels.
Attention to your write way! Do not type in all caps. Extended messages, spamming and flooding are not allowed.
No advertising! Do not make self-promotion other than specified video content channel. Sharing Discord server links and blacklisted links are not allowed. This is also includes direct messages.
Inappropriate contents are not allowed! Do not share pornography or illegal contents.
Help us to keep server safe and clean! No impersonation. Using inappropriate usernames, profile pictures and status are not allowed. Do not evade from censor filter.
Respect staff members! Staff members always have final say. Do not query the staff members decisions.

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