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Description / Rules

We are a discord server based in India. We host regular tournaments and leagues for Valorant using an automated system powered by Ustreak


  1. This is a welcoming community. All forms of abuse, belittlement, and rudeness are strictly forbidden. This includes unsubstantiated language/technology bashing, unprompted aggression, and anything unpleasant that someone else asks you to cease.
  2. Memes and shitposts are not allowed outside of #off-topic, and they are discouraged in general. Excessive meme/shitpost spam will lead to a kick/ban.
  3. Please try using a search engine before asking your question. While we try to help everybody whatever their question, there are many answers on the Internet and you may not need live help.
  4. We do not help with breaking the law or any Terms of Service.
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