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The home of university Rocket League in Europe and beyond!

By reacting with a ☑️ you agree to the following server rules:

Treat each other with respect.

University Rocketeers is an inclusive community, making members and staff feel unwelcome by using insults, slurs and swears is not something we will tolerate. This includes our Twitch channels, partners’ servers and Direct Messages with server staff and members, as well as nicknames, statuses and bios.

Attempting to expose, or exposing private personal information belonging to other members of this server is a crime in most countries, don’t do it.

Let staff do their job.

If you need help from a staff member, even if it’s as simple as trying to find a channel, you can ping Moderators at any time. Do not attempt to enforce these rules yourself.

Make sure you use @ModMail or the relevant support channel to get help from staff, not their DMs.

Do not use our platforms to launch witch hunts, if you have concerns about a player in our community, reach out using @ModMail.

If you want to discuss something, use a discussion channel. If there is not a specific channel for your discussion, use ⁠No Access.

Use your common sense.

Continue to adhere to the Rocket League Terms of Service.

Use the promotion channels to promote your content, not the middle of someone else’s conversation.

Posting content that is not considered safe for work by staff, or leads to Discord crashing, will be removed.

If you’ve been banned for any reason, don’t try to find a way around it, when we find you, your ban will be made longer.

This rules list is not exhaustive, if you do something against these three core values, staff may intervene.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your time in University Rocketeers!

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