Description / Rules

This is the discord server for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois.

Rules to Follow:

(1) Please be respectful and understanding of others when asking or answering questions/providing help. (2) The moderators will be upholding academic integrity and reporting anything suspicious. Please be mindful of information you’re sending making sure it falls under what is allowed. It’s really not worth it. (3) We encourage participation to make the best use of this server. Don’t be shy to make conversation! (4) You’ll notice there are dedicated channels for topics in this class. Please try to ask questions in those separate channels to make it easier for people to find and provide some help. (5) Try to keep non-ECE related topics in the #general-2 chat to make it easier to find the ECE-related questions. (6) Voice channels are here to use freely! We will be creating some more “study-room” channels for smaller groups if the main channels are crowded. Please ask a Mod/Admin if you’d like to see more of those. (7) Covid-19 has really made communication tools all the more necessary. So please make this a welcoming space to find friends, hang out, and learn together! The community appreciates it!

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