Troll Emoji


Description / Rules

Your home for your favorite trollface emotes. We do a little trolling, gaming, chatting & I’m living in your walls. Run.

Rules & information regarding the Troll server.

1 No harassment.
Be nice to fellow server members. Do not act excessively rude towards anyone, specifically target or stalk anyone.

2 No hatespeech.
Any specific remarks such as homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, etc. are prohibited.

3 Don’t be overly edgy.
“Edgy” jokes are allowed to an extent, but crossing the line (e.g. nazi jokes, references towards in-real-life tragic events, etc.) is very discouraged.

4 Don’t flood the chat.
Posting a few emotes at a time (e.g. :trolllaugh: :trolllaugh: :trolllaugh: :trolllaugh: ) is okay, but don’t cross the line to the point where chat becomes cluttered, unreadable, or flooded. Do not post copy-pasta’s, ASCII spam, or other content that may flood the chat.

5 No NSFW.
The Troll server is for ages 13 and above, meaning all chats should be kept safe respectively. No sexual, revealing, upsetting, or gory content is allowed in the Troll server. Any form of predatory activity will result in a permanent ban, and will lead up to a report if said case is severe.

6 No raiding.
Do not attempt to raid, riot, or gather a group of people to stalk, attack, or infiltrate someone, a server, or a community.

7 Respect all channel topics.
Different channels have different purposes. Please respect the channel topics.

8 Speak English.
Troll has a diverse range of people and languages, you may speak a language in Troll as long as there is a staff member in chat that speaks the language. The only exception to this rule is English, which can be spoken at any time.

9 No extremism/controversial political stances.

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