Description / Rules

Welcome to the official Top5Gaming discord! Check out the channels below, and make sure to use code T5G in the item shop!


  1. No discrimination of any type (racism, sexism, etc.)
  2. No profanity. (Not even censored or implied.)
  3. Respect everyone, regardless of level rank.
  4. Do not @ the T5G team members and do not excessively ping Administrators.
  5. No self-promotion of any kind. Mass-advertising a Discord server in DMS will lead to an instant ban without warnings.
  6. Spam, copy pasta, zalgo, etc is not permitted.
  7. Lying to staff about a violation of these rules in an attempt to get another user punished will see the same punishment the user would have received inflicted onto your account. (Example: Lying to a staff member about a user committing an offense that would get them banned would result in you being banned.)
  8. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content of any kind is not allowed. If you wouldn’t show it to your parents, don’t show it here.
  9. Do not ask for anything of monetary value. (V-Bucks, gifts, etc.)
  10. Trolling or intentionally encouraging people to break rules is forbidden.
  11. Sensitive topics (politics, religion, etc.) are not allowed to be discussed under any circumstances.
  12. Try to stay relatively on topic based on the chat you are in, especially in channels made for a specific purpose.
  13. Do not share or ask for personal information (age, phone number, address, etc) or discuss someone else’s. If you wish to raise an issue regarding yours or someone else’s information, do so through our support bot and not through the server’s public chat, out of privacy to all involved.
  14. As Top5Gaming is a US-based community, to make everyone understands each other, discussion is limited to English only.
  15. Please do not roleplay or use nicknames/profile pictures to roleplay. This makes people uncomfortable.
  16. Mini-modding, or any other attempts to enforce the rules on behalf of staff, is not permitted. If you see someone breaking rules, report it to staff, do not engage with them. This only results in drama and infighting. Mass-reporting members can count as mini-modding, depending on the situation, so please only report rule-breaking when it is an active problem and when there is a clear and undeniable breach of the server rules.
  17. All reports made against another member are to be made by DMing our support bot @Top5Gaming.
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