Top YouTuber Discord Servers List 2023

top youtuber discord servers list

Join YouTuber Discord Servers to connect with popular and successful YouTubers as well as their followers. Ask them questions to find out their secrets to success.

Many YouTubers have set up their own Discord Servers to discuss challenges with the YouTube, growth strategies, profitable niches, monetization, gaining subscribers, thumbnail design, video editing, and a variety of other important topics. This is really beneficial to all new and small youtubers.

If you want to start a new YouTube channel but are unsure how to do everything, which niche is lucrative for you?, what is required for monetization?, how to do SEO for videos?, how to attract subscribers organically?, receive answers to all of these questions in one place and in one minute.

These Youtuber Discord Servers are advantageous to small YouTubers as well. Especially those who have been struggling for a while to reach their goals of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time within a 12 month. Here, they can share their YouTube channel with other users and seasoned YouTubers, who can then review it and identify the problem to solve.

In addition, we have added a Gaming Youtuber Discord for those who want to communicate or meet other gamers. Including YouTuber Discord Servers for Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite, This Discord is useful for those who want to create a gaming YouTube Channel or currently have one. With it, they may grow their YouTube Channels within a few days without violating any guidelines.

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Rules of Discord Servers for YouTubers

We’ll now turn your attention to the rules of these Discord Servers for YouTubers. It is critical that you obey the rules in order to stay safe in Discord.

  • Only YouTubers are eligible to join.
  • Don’t talk on any other social media channel except YouTube.
  • Don’t mislead new YouTubers; instead, be honest with them.
  • Fighting and vulgarities are prohibited.
  • Always use the language that Discord admin accepts.
  • Without admin permission, do not share promotional links.
  • Political and religious debates are not permitted.
  • Adult images and video clips are not permitted to be shared.
  • It is not permitted to buy and sell products.

Note – We mentioned some rules that are generally written in Youtuber Discord Servers, however each discord has various rules, therefore check their rules before joining.

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YouTuber Discord Servers List


Hakie – Social Media Automation

Welcome to Hakie, the first free seo tool that’s made ...


Welcome to the BENBROS Family. Glad you made it here ...

eFootball 2023 Unlucky Players’ Cult

Welcome to UNLUCKY PES 2023 PLAYERS' CULT. This server is ...


Official discord for the youtuber spoonkid ...

Heimler’s History

Welcome to the Heimler's History Discord server! If your brain ...

Biryani Army

Welcome to the Biryani Army, lead by YouTube content creator ...

Real Civil Engineer

HELLO FELLOW ENGINEERS! We can't wait for you to come ...

Jack Manifold Official Discord

This is a server for the Twitch Streamer and YouTuber ...

Flying Beast ✈

Official Discord server of indian youtuber "Gaurav Taneja" AKA Flying ...


Hey, Welcome to Parsiix Official Community! :peepolove: Here are some ...

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How Can Add Discord Server for Small YouTubers in List?

New or small YouTubers may add their Discord to our list and get users from all around the world by following the simple procedures below.

  1. Click on “Add My Server
  2. A form window appears.
  3. Enter Youtuber Discord Name.
  4. Enter active Discord URL.
  5. Write Description or Rules.
  6. Choose Category, Language and Country
  7. Click on “Submit”
  8. That’s it – just wait for approval.

Note – If you include any links in the description box, it will not be published and we may decline to include your Youtuber Discord Servers in this list.

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We advise that all youtubers, especially new and small youtubers, join these Discord Servers if they wish to learn using YouTube effectively. Don’t create a new channel unless you join these, because YouTube has specific rules and regulations that you must follow at all times. You could waste a lot of time and money trying to attain your aim of monetization, therefore it’s best to start by communicating with professional YouTubers.

Please share your thoughts in the comments area after joining and experiencing these Youtuber Discord Servers. That will assist new and small YouTubers, and it will make it simple for them to decide which Discord is best for them.

Keep sharing these Discord Servers for Youtubers with your friends and family members who have plans for creating new YouTube Channels. Assist them and inform them about the benefits of working as a professional on YouTube.

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