Tiktok Community


Description / Rules

1: No 18+ NSFW content allowed. Our server does not tolerate any kind of inappropriate activities or behavior. This includes streaming / webcams.
2: Report people who are inviting you to sub / clone servers.
2.1: Making a server off of our active member-base is against our server rules. You can’t claim every active member in our server is your friend. So, do not poach our members; because it will result in a permanent ban. (Which includes everyone who’s helping you to build the sub / clone server.)
3: Harassment / Doxing is not allowed.
3.1: Any type of serious harassment is prohibited. (This includes, but is not limited to: Sharing or leaking personal information, pictures, phone numbers, addresses, blackmail, hate speech etc.)
4: Topic of conversation must be changed when a Staff member requests it to be.
4.1: Respect all staff and follow their instructions.
5: Do not impersonate anyone, staff or members. We take this seriously.
6: Bypassing offensive / prohibited words or content is not allowed; in the chat and-or your nicknames / profile pictures.

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