TheOrionSound Official Discord


Description / Rules

It’s me, Oli thanks for dropping by my Discord!

Please take a second to read through the rules before you start chatting.

Be cool, be respectful, let’s stay playful together!

  • No trolling, arguing or drama – keep the vibes wholesome – bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t spam (excessive caps, @ ing people, copypasta-ing etc.)
  • If you’re found to be under the age of 13, you will be banned. Sucks to be young
  • Keep chat relevant to the channel. No one wants to hear about anime outside of 🍜-weebzone
  • No inappropriate nicknames/profile pictures.
  • Keep the chat chill (No NSFW, sexual or excessively morbid topics).
  • Keep swearing to a minimum. Derogatory language, hurtful language and hate speech WILL be punished.
  • Please only DM or ping (@) mods with questions, problems or comments regarding the server.
  • Don’t ask to be a mod, it’s cringe – I will reach out if I ever need more help!
  • Don’t ping me (Oli) or any of my chad gamer friends we are busy GAMING

Most situations will start with a warning. If continued, it will then result in a ban.
Don’t give out any personal information to people online, they may be villains!

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