TheJRM’s Toxic Discord Server


Description / Rules

We are the official server of the Youtuber The JRM! We chat about everything, share art and photos, and of course memes!

You HAVE to be 13 or above to be in this discord!

1} No excessive spam!
2} No sexual, or NSFW, pictures, gifs, video, etc.
• Admins are to determine whether something is NSFW or not.
• There are minors aging 13-16 in this Discord, maybe even younger that we do not know of, please- Don’t be a dick.
3} Don’t be homophobic, racist, transphobic, etc.
• You are allowed to express opinions, as long as your opinion is NONE of those.
4} Swearing IS allowed.
• Vulgarity and swearing is okay, as long as you are not directing it-(Or insulting)- towards someone else.
5} Don’t be a raw sausage 😠
• Have fun and don’t be goofy in a bad way.
6} Don’t self promote.
• We do not allow server links; we do partnerships.
• If you want to promote your channel, dm an admin, and get access to #self-promo.
7} Level-up roles, such as P3 Claud, will be awarded depending on your level and experience.
• Psst- Do .xp in #bot-spam
• Assign other roles in #deleted-channel.
8} Do NOT ask admins for the twitch role.
• We cannot manually give it, please don’t ask.
• To get the role, go to settings > connections > Add. Then add your twitch.
9} Admins words are final.
• If you felt unfairly banned or kicked, you are welcome to respectfully appeal.
(Psst- shorter version above.)

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