The Park PH


Description / Rules

1.1 Be kind and courteous. Just because you are hiding behind your screen doesn’t mean you won’t face any consequences or you won’t affect other people’s lives. Including but not limited to racism, bullying, trash talk, etc. will NOT be tolerated.

1.2 No drama. Making personal attacks in public channels is not allowed. Settle it privately and don’t spread negativity.

1.3 No scamming. Any sort of fraud within the server & through DMs between members will not be tolerated.

1.4 Nuke/Raid/Hack words or actions are not allowed. Anyone threatening the peace of any server will not be tolerated.

1.5 Do not power abuse. Any special perms that you may have such as moving, disconnecting, etc. must not be used to cause trouble or inconvenience to other members.

1.6 Do not pressure any staff to revoke your punishment. In case you think or feel that you were unfairly punished, you may send an appeal to any of the admins. Be professional.

1.7 Advertising another server is not allowed. It’s a disrespectful action to the ones that worked hard to gather active members at The Park PH.

1.8 No unnecessary spamming. Including but not limited to, (a) spamming text channels with any content, (b) joining & leaving a VC constantly for no reason just to trigger the discord sound effect, (c) joining & leaving the server constantly to trigger the welcome bot, (d) mentioning any role or member repeatedly, etc.

1.9 No confusion. Misleading the members in any way is not allowed. Including but not limited to invisible nicknames, invisible avatars, false information, impersonating a person/bot/organization, etc.

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