The Memery


Description / Rules

A community of memers. Comebacks/Offensive/Shitposts & more! We offer a 24/7 meme feed that you can add to your Discord server.

Server Rules
1 : Slurs are now allowed in pictures gifs and videos as long as its in a meme format (no you cant post a nazi video saying to kill all insert minority group here) – Although saying a slur in a message is not allowed (N-Word is allowed for people with @N-Word Pass)

2 : Racism homophobia transphobia etc are still going to be banned Ik it’s sad ya can’t say all black people should die but if you’re being a racist it’ll probably be a 24h mute first followed by a ban and if you use slurs in a derogatory manner that’s also a ban

3 : Flooding spamming and anything of the manner will be a warning the first time an hour mute first second a 24-hour mute third and a ban if ya continue

4 : Cp zoophilia pedophilia and anything that’s also deplorable is a ban This should be common sense

5 : Keep NSFW in #🔞〉nsfw-channel posting it outside of there will result in a 2h mute if done again will be a ban

6 : Don’t dox people or harass people or just be a general dick for no reason if you a dox a person that’ll be a ban but other than that it’ll probably be a 10-minute mute if ya still continue being a dick it’ll be left to the whatever mod you get to decide how they wanna punish you

7 : Ip grabbing or suspicious links will be deleted and the poster will be muted for 10m

8 : Self-advertising is a 24h mute and if continued will be a ban nobody gives a shit so just fuckin don’t

9 : I will politely request that you do not spam ping anyone or any role doing so will give you a 30m mute and if continued will become a 12h mute and ll continued will be a 5d ban and if u still come back and continue you will just be permabanned

10 : The basic rule of thumb we assume all people who speak in NSFW Shitposts is 18 unless proven otherwise if you proved otherwise you will be stripped of the role if you continue to re-react to the role to get it, again and again, you will be banned

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