The Kazama Shogunate


Description / Rules

Hololive’s Gen 6 Kazama Iroha fan server! Meet other fans, get cute emotes/stickers, and be a part of the community!

The Principles of Bushido (Server Rules)
1: Act mature and polite! Do not incite racism, discrimination of gender, etc. We’re all Kazama-tai. This applies to your names as well. Please have mature and appropriate (nick)name.

2: Keep away from political and religious arguments or conversations. Please have that conversation in your DMs or in another server!

3: Do not freely share pirated Hololive official content on this server. (Example: Voice Packs, Member content, etc.) If merch-splitting is of interest to you, take it to ⁠No Access. However, all mods and admins will not be held accountable for any purchases done in the server.

4: No hard NSFW; this includes any art or conversations shared in any text/voice chat. Posts can/will be removed or approved at mod discretion.

5: Do not post life-identifying information about any virtual youtubers, unless they themselves have revealed that information. This includes previously owned YouTube channels, as well.

6: Do not spread rumors about Iroha, Hololive, or any virtual youtubers. This includes previously owned YouTube channels, as well.

7: Do not post or advertise any Discord servers unrelated to the server without permission. Please ask admin/moderators before posting such advertisements.

8: Don’t spam the channels with unnecessary content.

  • Additionally, as we are an English-speaking server about a Japanese vtuber, please try to keep all discussions in English or Japanese.

9: Please try to source the artists in the art channels! This can be done by linking the artist’s Pixiv or Twitter account. Please do try to support the artists that give us our precious content!

10: Do not turn chat rooms into therapy sessions, we’re not specialists and would prefer if you kept it in your DMs!

11:one: Do not come to us about the issues you’re having in another server. If you’ve been banned/muted/warned/kicked elsewhere, we’re really sorry that happened but we have nothing to do with it. Please don’t complain about it here.

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