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Description / Rules

Welcome to the Boonji Project Discord!
Holders, please react by clicking on 🚀 then head to #verify-your-boonji to gain access to the rest of the server!

If you do not own a Boonji, Loolee or Physical Redemption Token you will still be able to learn more about Boonji and follow the latest news by clicking on 🚀. If you would like to gain access to the holder area you can grab a token from one of the following collections:

Boonji Project:
Loolee Bear:
Boonji Physical Redemtion Tokens:
Boonji X Gallaxy Eggs:

Terms of Service:

By joining this discord server you are agreeing to the following terms:
1) We will NEVER do a stealth mint.
2) We will NEVER drop mint/claim links unannounced.
3) We will NEVER DM you first.
4) We will NEVER ask for your seed phrase under any circumstances.
5) The team is not responsible for the return of or compensation for any lost or stolen items as a result of the end user not following the guidance laid out here and in our #security-guide channel.

Hacks, scams, and social engineering attempts are rampant in the NFT space. We will always do our best to keep this discord and community secure, however, instances where security is compromised may still occur. Following the above guidance and our advice in #security-guide will ensure you minimize the risk of falling victim to these scams.

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