Support Force


Description / Rules

Our mission is to provide the resources for growth and success of content creators on all platforms.


  1. No disrespect towards staff. If staff make a decision, that decision is final. Arguing could result in further punishment, including BAN if necessary.
  2. No being disrespectful towards other members. Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated and could result in further punishment. We’re a community for support and encouragement.
  3. Absolutely no racism, sexism, homophobia, political or religious talk. Doing so will result in an immediate BAN.
  4. We run on a 3-strike system regarding any breaking of the rules. 1st strike will result in a warning, 2nd strike will be a server mute, then 3rd strike will be either a kick/ban, depending on severity.
  5. Promotional links are to be posted only in the appropriate channel once you’ve earned the ability to promote.
    Rules Continued
  6. This is a place for selflessness, not selfishness. There will be NO f4f, L4L, other discord links, or begging for support. This includes DMing members and asking for support on your platforms and personal discords. You must give support to receive it.
  7. We are a discord focused on creating connections, friendships, and community. With that comes notifications from the staff and other members of the server. Please be aware we love to talk and ping.
  8. Each feature that we provide here has its own set of rules. Please review channel descriptions for more information.
  9. No recruiting whatsoever within the Support Force Community. Please utilize your platforms for this.
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