Suhani Shah’s Server


Description / Rules

This is the official Discord Server of Indian Mentalist and Youtuber Suhani Shah!

Welcome to SushaSquad
“This is a happy server, you can make it happier”

  1. Respect everybody. Any sort of racist, offensive or abusive behaviour will lead to immediate BAN.
  2. Stay away from controversial, religious or political debates.
  3. SPAMMING IS NOT ALLOWED. Whether it’s in the form of mass-pinging, emotes or words.
  4. There is a channel created especially for artist-promotions. Refrain from posting promotional messages elsewhere.
  5. Send messages in the appropriate channels. No NSFW content allowed.
  6. SWEARING AND USE OF OBSCENE LANGUAGE IS NOT ALLOWED. Bypassing any of the prohibited words may lead to the same consequences.
  7. Highly recommend using appropriate usernames.
  8. Be kind in all voice channels. Let everyone talk and hear easily. Do not ear-rape.
  9. Do not run inappropriate music in the Music channels.
  10. Trolls, edgelords and flirts, this is NOT a server for you.
  11. Sending inappropriate personal messages to any member will lead to a permanent BAN. If received, please inform MODs immediately.
  12. Do not ask for MOD roles. Act as if you already have it and you never know : )
  13. We are working very hard to build a community that is positive, kind and encouraging in nature. We would not tolerate anybody trying to change this.
  14. AVOID SHARING any kind of Personal Information in chat explicitly. If your information circulates further after you share it in chat then no one shall be held responsible.
  15. Be kind. It’s cool : )
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