Streetcan’s den of Memes


Description / Rules

The Official Streetcan Memes Discord server, your only good source of memes.

Rule 1: Mention a staff member if you need assistance and don’t spam mention the staff roles and/or mention them for no good reason, you might get punished for that. You are also not allowed to impersonate staff members and bots. (you may ping staff members if they don’t mind being pinged for no reason)

Rule 2: Do not be an edge lord and harass, doxx, share private info without consent, bully, be continuously annoying, or participate in any sort of hatespeech towards anyone. Meaning no racism, homophobia, embracing nazis, and encouraging self-harm at all.

Rule 3: The use of racial slurs is strictly prohibited.

Rule 4: Follow the discord TOS, if you fail to do so it might result in a ban.

Rule 5: Do not raid, plan raids, or encourage raids in the server. Alts are not allowed unless approved by an admin.

Rules 6: Do not create false accusations towards normal members or staff members, if you have some concerning information about a member or a staff member please contact an admin or higher and avoid putting the info in server channels. (the information might be incorrect and it will create a hostile enviroment)

Rule 7: Do not use loopholes to get around the rules. It includes bypassing the bot to use slurs or banned phrases, you will be punished accordingly.

Rule 8: Do not post NSFW/NSFL you will be insta-banned for that. Media containing the hard r is not allowed

Rule 9: Do not post copy pasta of any sort, seizure videos/gifs, crashing videos/gifs , videos/gifs that are intended to be disgusting/intentionally gross people, DM adverts, and do not spam channels.

Rule 10: This is a meme server, talking about controversial topics and making fun of recent tragic events/deaths will get you punished.

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