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Description / Rules

Home to all kinds of artists! We host art contests across Discord and bring together artists from all kinds of amazing communities!💖

Server Rules
Alongside the rules below, follow Discord’s ToS & Guidelines

1 — Be respectful to everyone on the server
Do not purposely try to cause drama by being toxic to other members.

2 — Content that are NSFW, homophobic, racist, and sexist are banned
In general, do not discriminate members based on: race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities.

3 — Names and profile pictures must be appropriate
Refer to the banned content under rule #2

4 — Advertising Discord servers is not allowed
Unless it is about a partner to this server, posting Discord links and advertising servers is not allowed. This rule is in effect both in chat and DM.

5 — Spamming is not allowed
This includes the spamming of text, gibberish, emotes, and mic spam on VC.

6 — Avoid topics that are overly controversial
This usually includes topics that are racial, political, or religious.

7 — Do not bypass banned words
If the word you typed was deleted by Dyno, that means it is a banned word. Do not try alternative spellings to circumvent it.

8 — Do not troll ping
Do not troll ping members and/or staffers.

9 — Do not use an alternative account
The use of alt accounts are not allowed. If the use is deemed for nefarious reasons, this might lead to a ban.

10 — Catfishing is not allowed
Also avoid imitating staff members.

11 — Raiding is not allowed
Members who raid servers are subject to an immediate ban.

12 — Avoid content that relate to suicide or suicidal tendencies in real life
Avoid talking about issues that hint on people having suicidal tendencies.

13 — Do not spoil content of anime, manga, movies, TV-shows, or games without using spoiler tags
When discussing spoilers, always use spoiler tags. This includes pictures.

14 — Do not record anyone in voice channels
Recording members in VCs is strictly forbidden and could be subject to a ban. If you have issues with a member or you think someone is breaking rules in VC, report to a staff member instead of trying to record them on your own.

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