Social Blade


Description / Rules

SocialBlade tracks statistics for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, DailyMotion, Mixer, Facebook, TikTok and more!


  • Please use English only unless in one of the language specific rooms.
  • No Spam, Harassment, or Racism, Bullying, etc.
  • Keep it clean. This is an all ages chat.
  • No one likes a self-promoter, So please don’t. (Pro tip: You can go into discord settings, connections, and link your channel there so it shows up in your profile)
  • If it is appropiate to post a link (not to self promote!) keep then SFW (Safe for work)! Again, all ages chat!
  • Ban hammers hurt. Listen to the Mods. 🔨
  • Make sure your audio quality is good before joining any voice channels.
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