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Description / Rules

SimplifiedSMM is a free/cheap SMM panel with often giveaways! We provide services for Instagram, YT, TikTok, and more!

Discord Server Rules:

  1. No swearing or being toxic to staff or any other member.
  2. No starting drama.
  3. Do not say anything that is not true such as “I did not receive my followers” or “This server is fake”. If you have any issues, contact us in support.
  4. Do not post fake reviews in reviews or our TrustPilot. If something does go wrong, its either a misunderstanding or a bug. Contact us in support.
  5. Do not do any engagement exchanges such as follow4follow, like4like, comment4comment, etc in any channels other than ig-exchanging and yt-exchanging.
  6. Do not invite bots/alts.
  7. No advertising in chats or DMs. If you receive a DM advertisement, contact a staff member.
  8. Do not ask for free followers, likes, or comments unless your requesting a free trial but this must be done in a ticket or check free-services.
  9. Follow all of the rules in
  10. Follow Discords Guidelines and Terms of Service.
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