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Description / Rules

Hi, welcome to the Screen Rant Community Discord! 👋 React to this message once you’ve read the rules for the server. 📝

RULE 1️⃣ This one is simple. Try to maintain a kind and positive attitude! We don’t want excessive negativity here.
RULE 2️⃣ Don’t feed the trolls. If someone is a problem, message an admin for help.
RULE 3️⃣🅰 No discrimination or racism. Do not attack someone’s personal religious or political beliefs. We’re here to have fun talking movies, TV, comics, tech, and more! 🅱 Sometimes our favorite forms of entertainment will explore politics or religion. Let’s do our best to keep discussions civil. See Rule 1 and 2!
RULE 4️⃣ Be aware that rules are subject to change at the discretion of the admins of the server. Please try to stay aware of guidelines for different channels.
RULE 5️⃣ Use spoiler tags for (you guessed it) SPOILERS! You do so by typing out two lines | | like that (but without the space) before and after your spoiler. Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s dad. Like that! Did it work?
RULE 6️⃣ Do NOT promote your server, YouTube, personal projects, whatever outside of the self promotion channel.
RULE 7️⃣ Be cool. Don’t worry, the goal is to have fun here! Be patient with us as we learn and grow this community!

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