Sanrio Emoji


Description / Rules

Welcome to Tomorrow !!

This server is a mainly Sanrio emoji based server.
We have a non-toxic community inside the server, which has plenty of channels for you to talk to new people!

All rules apply in server and in dms

❥ English Only – This is so that our staff can moderate properly
❥ Use correct channels
❥ Be kind to everyone
❥ Keep your personal drama out of the server – This will result in a mute if you continue
❥ It is mandatory that you get an age role – This is so we know you are over 13
❥ Swearing is allowed within reason – No derogatory language of any kind.
❥ No mention of drugs/alcohol of any kind
❥ No political/religious talk as it can be controversial and start fights [vents are fine]
❥ No offensive/unwanted jokes of any kind – This includes racial, homophobic, ableist, ect
❥ No NSFW of any kind – This includes images, videos, link names, emojis/names, and stickers/names.
❥ Suspicious links/files can and will be deleted
❥ No extreme PDA – Could make people incredibly uncomfortable
❥ No spamming/walls of text – This includes stickers/images/gifs/emojis
❥ No self promo/begging – This includes sending links to: servers, your own social media pages, begging for nitro, ect.
❥ Joke staff apps will result in an immediate warning.

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