Salt Raiders


Description / Rules

The official Discord for the Salt Raiders. Come chat about games such as Among Us, Fall Guys and SCP


Everyone is Welcome
You have no more right to be here than anyone else.

No Racism or Hate Speech
As outlined in the Discord community guidelines, this is unacceptable and will result in an instant ban.

No Creeping
Harassment of our members, and accusations of such, will be looked into, investigated and taken very seriously.

The Shadow Wealm
Spam or any other inappropriate behaviour (especially after being warned by a member of our moderation team) will lead to a time out. Repeated instances of time outs and inappropriate behaviour may lead to removal from the server.

Avoiding Punishment
The Shadow Wealm is a timeout role, it’s not to be encouraged or purposefully sought after.
Additionally, those seen leaving the server and re-joining to avoid timeout punishments will simply be banned.

Do Not Advertise
As much as we would like to help people with their channels, we simply cannot afford to verify each and everyone one, ensuring they don’t promote hate or misleading information. So we simply ask that you don’t (this goes for Twitch channels, YouTube content, Discord servers etc).

Links, Messages and Images
Make sure these all comply with the Discord community guidelines please.

Pinned Messages
Some channels have pinned messages to try aid you in understanding what a channel is about and what it allows, please read them.

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