Saak’s Marketplace


Description / Rules

Saak’s marketplace is a new server were you can buy and sell Minecraft, Netflix, games, Spotify, Instagram followers and much more!


  1. NO SCAMMERS! If you scam you will be banned from this server!
  2. Don’t actually open tickets if you’re not interested in buying or need support.
  3. NO DM advertising.
  4. Don’t argue in our server, take it to DMs.
  5. no mass mention, unless your a premium seller! (more info in 💰seller💰 )
  6. Do not post server invites without permission!
  7. Any questions? go to ❓support❓
  8. Only sell on the Discord server, that means, do not give a link to your website and do not take it to the dms, use the ticket tool to buy and sell, that way its easier for us to catch scammers and give the costumer money back!
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