Rust Programming Language


Description / Rules

Welcome to the Rust Programming Language Community Server!

In addition to Discord’s own requirements for participating in servers, in order to take part in our Discord server, you must agree to the following:

1️⃣ – Be a nice person, and follow Rust’s Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct can be found here:

2️⃣ – Be awesome to each other

We want to create a friendly and welcoming space for our community members, so it’s important for everyone to be respectful to each other. Behavior we deem unacceptable includes but is not limited to:

  • Insulting, harassing, trolling, or flaming.
  • Bad taste jokes, language bashing, and zealotry.
  • Being unnecessarily provocative or baiting
  • Being overly forceful with opinions or pushing them as facts.
  • Inciting or escalating unproductive arguments, particularly on divisive topics, where those involved just repeat their conflicting opinions back and forth.

3️⃣ – Keep in mind the list of disallowed things

No heavy swearing, no racist or otherwise hateful references, no adult content or themes, and no spam. “Spam” includes content that is excessively large, numerous, or otherwise distracting, such as dumping memes/images/gifs.

This also applies to usernames, profile pictures, activity status and any behavior which the moderators deem to be disruptive.

Advertising and job listings are also disallowed. If you’d like to advertise jobs, we recommend going to the subreddit /r/rust.

You are allowed to link other Discord servers if it makes sense in an already existing discussion or conversation, but it’s up to a moderation discretion’s to differentiate it from advertising.

4️⃣ – Help the moderators

Moderators are here to keep everything civil – help them out by getting their attention when things go wrong by pinging the Moderator role (@Moderator).
Do not impersonate/imitate staff. You’re welcome to do your best to make sure everyone follows the rules yourself, but if rules are broken, do ping the Moderator role.
Refusing to follow rules after being explicitly reminded to by a mod will result in more serious chat restrictions.

5️⃣ – This server is not about the game called Rust

If you come here for the game Rust, you will be kicked (or banned, depending on the situation) without warning. Not knowing the rules is no excuse.

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