Description / Rules

➢ Discord TOS compliance – This is a server on Discord grounds. As such, the Discord team’s Terms of Service applies to the full extent. Any message, post, or otherwise content that does not follow Discord’s Terms of Service will result in an immediate ban and a report to Discord’s Trust & Safety Team.

➢ Block/Ban evading – Block or ban evading, specifically inviting an alt account into the server in order to re-approach a member, or dodge a penalty applied by staff will result in a ban of all of the accounts in question.

➢ Harassment – Repeated harassment, bullying, any form of toxicity (body-shaming, gaslighting, etc.) at the expense of other members, or threatening to dox/doxxing, will result in an immediate ban.

➢ Bot commands channel usage
Bot commands should only be posted in bot-commands, breaking this will lead to getting muted or banned if repeated.

➢ Recruiting/Advertising to members from this server to other groups is highly prohibited.

➢ Do not ping any member of Founding Directory at any circumstance. You’re only allowed to ping a member from the Founding Directory if it’s an extreme emergency situation that needs immediate attention.

➢ Ear raping in voice channels is strictly prohibited.

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