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Description / Rules

The official, developer-run Discord server for Rocket League! 600,000 Rocketeers strong and growing!


🔸 1 — Use the right channels.
We have dedicated trading channels, go to ⁠trading-rules if you don’t see them.
The promotion of content is allowed in ⁠content-promotion only.
Trading does not belong in ⁠rocket-league, keep this to any of the four trading channels.
Searching for people to play with goes in ⁠looking-for-group.

🔸 2 — Use common sense.

  • We do not want spam, (server) ads, toxicity, harassment, impersonation of other members, etc.
  • Do not try to disturb the peace on this server.
  • If you have a dispute with another member, take it to DMs. Ensure that chat is as inclusive as possible.
  • Don’t converse in other languages than English.

🔸 3 — Adhere to the Rocket League TOS and EULA.
Examples of what we forbid: Providing/asking for boosting services, or trading with items outside of the in-game trading window. This rule also applies to sending links to such content.

🔸 4 — Your name must be readable, mentionable, and appropriate, and it must include at least two characters.

  • This means that names should not include self promotion, anything that does not follow our other set rules, contain digits only, characters that cannot be easily typed on the US-Intl layout, excessive use of symbols, etc.
  • You can set your own nickname. Inappropriate nicknames may be changed by the mod team along with a warning. Names promoting hate speech or similar may lead to a server ban.

🔸 5 — Do not abuse mentions.

  • Do not abuse mentions of specific members or roles.
  • Do not mention Psyonix Staff.

🔸 6 — No external drama or witch hunting.

  • Report scams in their respective communities. If you were scammed please start a ticket on
  • Do not try to expose people publicly, or stir up drama from elsewhere.

🔸 7 — Do not link or discuss NSFW/suggestive content or content involving deadly weapons and violence

  • This includes images, emotes, avatars, and usernames.

🔸 8 — Avoid risky clicks.

  • Please make sure that when you send a link, people know what to expect when they click on the link. We do not allow URL shorteners (they get deleted on sight).
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