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Description / Rules

Rocket League Hub is the #1 place to find people to play Rocket League with. You can also find events, trades, coaches, middlemen, and more.

Server Rules :

1:Our one overarching server rule is Use Common Sense. This means don’t ask/beg for free stuff, post any kind of copypastas, spam or disrespect any other users or staff. No voice chat abuse (screamers, abusing music bot, etc)

2: Please familiarize yourself with the Discord TOS before posting or participating in this server. It can be found here:

3: Listen to staff, If you fail do so there will be consequences.

:bulletp: DMing other users/staff with server invite links, boosting services, account sales, any kind of NSFW/NSFL content and phishing links/scam links is prohibited. If this happened to you please contact a staff member.

4: We have zero tolerance for any Racist/NSFW content. This includes usernames/profile pictures.

5: For people wanting to promote their youtube/twitch or other social media platforms, we have a channel for that, ⁠No Access . This means any kind of advertising outside of that channel is not allowed. Please don’t abuse this by spamming. If you want to promote your discord server please dm @Modmail.

6: No harassment, excessive trolling, excessive offensive language, or attempted aggravation of any kind.

7: A attempt to scam will be punished by a permanent ban from the server.
No staff, middlemen, or rank impersonation of any kind
No “duping”

8: If there is a scenario in the discord server that doesn’t happen to be on this list, a staff member is required to handle the situation to the best of their abilities. Members must respect their decisions.

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