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Description / Rules

Welcome to the Rocket League Tips and Tricks Server! I have created this for the Rocket League community to help your gaming experience.

Rules of The Server :

  1. Flaming or racism will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.
  2. English is the preferred language in this server. Other languages are only allowed in following situations:
    • When all the people in the voice channels speak the same primary language (This does not apply on text channels)
  3. Respect all discord channel members
  4. EVERYTHING that is NOT in the RLH Shop is FREE. If ANYONE else asks for payment in return, report it to me.
    –> NO PAID Coaching! (expect on the RLH website)
  5. No Boosting what-so-ever (Except the server!) :Boost_Badge:
  6. Do not DM or @Owner @Official Partneror my @Staff – Unless something needs direct attention.
  7. Moderators have the final say. Don’t put their decision in question! If you feel you are being treated unfairly DM me directly.
  8. Don’t @ people for no reason.
  9. Don’t write in CAPS LOCK only
  10. Don’t talk or post NSFW content or equal
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