Rocket League Garage


Description / Rules

Official RL Garage / Discord server. Everything Rocket League Trading, Daily Item Shops & Ranks/Stats

Breaking these rules will result in a ban:
1) Follow Discord’s and Psyonix’s ToS & EULA at all times while on this server. Links to these are below.
2) Any form of scam attempt will not be tolerated. This includes trust trades, duplication services, colour swaps, screenshots/thumbnails, buy-in 1v1 wagering, etc.
3) No NSFW content; sexual harassment, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, or any other type of sexual harassment is not tolerated.
4) Doxxing is strictly prohibited. Do not share personally identifiable information, or attempt to acquire this information.
5) Do not discriminate against users in any way (E.G: Homophobia, sexism, racism, ableism, discrimination of religion, etc).
6) Do not attempt to tamper with or manipulate evidence to frame someone.
7) Do not attempt to evade a ban, use botted accounts, or refer/forward to an alternate account to trade.
8) Fringe or reactionary content designed to provoke staff is subject to moderator discretion.
9) Do not send any suspicious links, or intentionally send any links that are dangerous to users.
10) Do not ignore staff warnings.
11) Do not offer or request boosting services.
For these issues, DM or ping a @Discord Moderator (edited)
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Breaking these rules will result in a warning:
1) This is an English only server, please only speak English, or use a translator if you are unable to.
2) Do not deliberately troll users or staff members. This includes excessively pinging people, “mic-spam” in voice channels, attempting to mention everyone, pinging staff roles, or generally being purposely disruptive.
3) Do not “stir the pot” by starting (or partaking in) an argument – Avoid controversial topics if possible.
4) Do not argue with our staff about a decision made by them. If you believe a staff member abused their power, see the disclaimer section.
5) Any type of unsolicited self-promotion is not allowed within this server or towards server members via DMs. This includes YouTube, Twitch, Discord servers, etc).
6) Do not ask for free items, attempt to host unofficial giveaways, or advertise wager matches.
7) Do not witch-hunt. Collect relevant proof and report the alleged user through ⁠report-user, rather than trying to publicly ridicule them.
8) Do not send links before confirming with a staff member. Self-advertising links are not permitted under any circumstances.
9) Do not trade in non-trading channels.
For these issues, DM or ping a @Discord Support
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Your trades will automatically be removed unless they follow these formatting guidelines:
1) Format your trades correctly with [H] [W]. View ⁠trading-guide for more information.
2) Do not spam the same offer! One trade type per line.
3) 80 characters per line, 15 lines MAXIMUM. Line breaks and trade titles still count as lines.
4) Emojis, text formatting like this, and excessive repeated characters (like spaces) are not permitted.
5) The use of alt-accounts to circumnavigate the cooldown is strictly prohibited.
6) No ToS violating trades under any circumstances.

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