Rocket League Coaching


Description / Rules

We provide 100% free Rocket League coaching. Being active in the server will increase your chances of getting a coach.


  1. No asking for money. No trading. No self-promotion or advertising. No asking to be boosted/carried to a different rank.
    This is a free Discord channel. Our community isn’t here to be a client base.
  2. Be nice to each other.
    We try to take a common sense and decency approach towards banter. If someone is clearly upset then don’t continue to snipe at them.
  3. No hate speech or NSFW content.
    The bot will automatically delete messages containing certain words; don’t circumvent the filter.
  4. Don’t impersonate other people or spread their personal information
    This includes using other peoples profiles to set your rank and deranking accounts to get a certain rank colour.
  5. Keep spam down.
    Small amounts can be humorous, but again there’s a line where it becomes obnoxious.
  6. Stay positive.
    We’re a community based around improving at the game by working on our own flaws. Occasionally venting about frustrating games or bad days is fine. Constantly complaining about your team mates isn’t.
  7. Keep to the relevant channels.
    Check the pins in the top right of a channel to see what it’s for.
  8. Set your rank, region and platform.
    You can do this via our website at:
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