Roblox Development Assistance


Description / Rules

  1. The staff team has final say on all decisions, regardless of if they fit the rules, implied or otherwise.
  2. No NSFW/NSFL content. No racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive slurs or language. No controversial politics or discussion of topics not suitable for a general chatroom.
  3. No toxicity. No inflammatory, offensive, or bigoted remarks. No excessive use of strong language. No flaming, baiting or trolling.
  4. No malicious or harmful links or software. No doxxing, or sharing of personal information, whether it’s your own or someone elses.
  5. No spamming, rallying, or unsolicited DMs.
  6. Do not bypass any filter in place for offensive language.
  7. Do not evade bans, mutes, or any other kind of punishment on alternate accounts.
  8. No sharing of exploits, cheats, cracks, hacks, or “warez”, for Roblox or any other game, platform, or software.
  9. No hiring, this is not a hiring server. No advertising. No impersonation, or claiming you are part of or speak for any organization when you don’t.
  10. No unwarranted mentions in help channels.
  11. Follow Discord’s terms of service.
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