Real Civil Engineer


Description / Rules

HELLO FELLOW ENGINEERS! We can’t wait for you to come & chat with the RCE community about everything from tensile strength to Timberborners!

Rules and Information

  1. Don’t be a dick! Dick jokes are funny but being a dick isn’t! This server is an inclusive space for all of RCE’s viewers from around the world, so lets be nice.
  2. No spamming please! The only thing worse than the canned food is the online version! This includes unrelated/out of context memes and shortened or hidden URLs. Memes are allowed on the subreddit and the meme channel.

== PLEASE NOTE: One thing we take very seriously here and have very little humor about or time to discuss, is using letter reactions on content announcements. We’ve found that small fun jokes tends to escalate to swearing and on rare occasions, even to slurs. Some people are only here for the ping alerts. Please DO NOT LETTER REACT ANNOUNCEMENTS to aid them having an easy and pleasant experience. ==

  1. Keep this SFW! The odd swear word is fine if it doesn’t break other rules, just be mindful there are younger people around so keep it limited.
  2. Inclusive chat only. No disruptive talks about religion, politics or anything else designed to be negative and disruptive. This is an English speaking server only. Being argumentative/Looking to start an argument counts as being disruptive.
  3. No Advertising or Self-Promotion: To keep conversation relevant to the RCE channel, please no links to your own channel/content. The exception is if you become a Colleague, see roles below for more details.
    Except for the Colleagues, here are some examples of what will/will not be cool:

☑️ Talking about your stream and what happened on it
☑️ Sharing screenshots / clips / stats from your stream (within reason)
☑️ Updating your status to say you are streaming
❎ Asking for likes / follows etc.
❎ Sharing links to your social media in chat
❎ Sharing the times of your upcoming content / stream etc.

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