Description / Rules

Welcome to the Discord Server

You may have noticed there are a ton of roles. I will explain what each role is, and how you can get it. Each role has the privileges of the role before that plus its own unique ones, with @Admins and @Staff being Administrators(ones with highest privileges)

@Staff This is the Staff at Python How. Namely Ardit

@Admins These are admins at Python How. They have all permissions. You can only get this role if Ardit feels like giving it to you

@Moderators These people can mute and warn people, enforcing rules around the server. However, they can’t kick or ban others. You can get this by staying active in the server. Already having the Helpers role is a pre-requisite to obtaining this role. +Gives access to secret channels

@Legendary Helper They can add extra emotes to the server. You get this by helping others out in the Help Channels. By getting this role, you agree to be pinged inside the Help channels. (Once you do get this role, you can’t just stop helping others. You have to maintain it, otherwise it can be taken off)

@Server Booster Get this role by Boosting the Server. Those who boost have a better chance of becoming a Mod(jk lol)

@Helpers You get this role by reacting to the message in roles

@Bots To get this role you have to be a bot

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