Description / Rules

Hey there, welcome to Python Discord!

We’re a large, friendly community focused around the Python programming language, open to those who wish to learn the language or improve their skills, as well as those looking to help others.

We organize regular community events and have a dedicated staff of talented Python developers available to assist around the clock. Whether you’re looking to learn the language or working on a complex project, we’ve got someone who can help you if you get stuck.

Python Discord Rules:
We have a small but strict set of rules on our server. Please read over them and take them on board. If you don’t understand a rule or need to report an incident, please send a direct message to @ModMail!
Rule 1
Follow the Python Discord Code of Conduct.
Rule 2
Follow the Discord Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
Rule 3
Respect staff members and listen to their instructions.
Rule 4
Use English to the best of your ability. Be polite if someone speaks English imperfectly.
Rule 5
Do not provide or request help on projects that may break laws, breach terms of services, or are malicious or inappropriate.
Rule 6
Do not post unapproved advertising.
Rule 7
Keep discussions relevant to the channel topic. Each channel’s description tells you the topic.
Rule 8
Do not help with ongoing exams. When helping with homework, help people learn how to do the assignment without doing it for them.
Rule 9
Do not offer or ask for paid work of any kind.

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