Description / Rules

We want everyone to enjoy their time here, so please be friendly and respectful to everyone.

:1Chocolate: Be friendly, polite and respectful to everyone on this server. No harassment, abuse, hate, threats or discriminatory behavior of any kind, even as a joke.

:2Chocolate: No spam. This includes tagging people repeatedly or unnecessarily.

:3Chocolate: No NSFW, illegal, political or religious discussions.

:4Vanilla: Do not post any content related to exploits, cheats, piracy or anything that breaks the PUBG Rules of Conduct

:5Vanilla: Do not publicly accuse others of misconduct, including cheating.

:6Vanilla: Do not reveal private information about any individuals or corporate entities.

Breaking or skirting the rules will result in a kick or ban. @deleted-role may issue warnings at their discretion.

These rules are non-exhaustive, @deleted-role will use their judgment when dealing with disruptive or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

If you see anyone breaking these rules, please PM one of the @deleted-role.

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