PUBG Official (PC/Console/Stadia)


Description / Rules

We want everyone to enjoy their time here, so please be friendly and respectful to everyone 😊

Please use English in all channels.

Here is an overview of our rules, to help ensure everyone has a good time:

  1. Be friendly, polite and respectful to everyone on this server. No harassment, abuse, hate, threats or discriminatory behavior of any kind, even as a joke.
  2. No spam. This includes tagging people repeatedly or unnecessarily.
  3. No NSFW, illegal, political or religious discussions.
  4. Do not post any content related to exploits, cheats, piracy or anything that breaks the PUBG Rules of Conduct
  5. Do not publicly accuse others of misconduct, including cheating. Please always use proper channels for reporting inappropriate or rule breaking behavior.
  6. Do not reveal private information about any individuals or corporate entities.
  7. No advertising or economic activity. This includes self-promotion, or promotion of other Discord servers and websites.

Breaking or skirting the rules will result in a kick, timeout or ban. Moderators may issue warnings at their discretion.
To report members breaking the server rules, please tag @Moderator to get their attention and provide evidence by DM-ing the mod who reached out or directly DM an active moderator that you see on the sidebar.

These rules are non-exhaustive, admins and moderators will use their judgment when dealing with disruptive or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

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