PUBG Console League


Description / Rules

Overall Discord Rules:

  1. Respect @Admin and @Staff. Belligerent actions will lead to a strike on your team or getting you and your team kicked out of this server.
  2. Uphold the “competitive integrity” of this discord.
    -Play seriously, do not Grief and ruin the experience for other players.
    -If another team or individual isn’t upholding this rule, capture evidence and send it to an Admin
    -This means cheating of any kind is not allowed; if you are this will result in an immediate ban from scrims and expulsion from the discord.
    -Respect the other players you are playing with and against, and please refrain from complaining about drops, rotations, and gameplay as a whole.
    -This is practice for a reason and should be played as if you are in a tournament or league setting.
    -If you continue to complain (about the games, drops, players), annoy other players, tag admins/staff, or cause hysteria in chat will lead to a mute.
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