Programming Philippines


Description / Rules

Welcome to the Discord Server of Programming Philippines Community!


  1. Be civil and respectful
    No tolerance for anyone attacking/harassing another for their gender, age, race, religious beliefs (or lack there of), social class, creed, or nationality.
  2. Post relevant content only
    Ensure that the messages you will send fit the channel’s purpose. Discussions about software development, its industry and the academe, are highly encouraged. Keep in mind that selling and other transactions are prohibited.
  3. No Spam
    Unless advised by the moderation staff, do not post the same content in multiple channels.
  4. No illegal or explicit content
    No sharing or encouragement of illegal or potentially illegal acts and materials, such as but not limited to NSFW content, blackhat hacking, and pirated materials.
  5. No academic dishonesty
    Anything that promotes, suggests, or encourages academic dishonesty is strictly prohibited regardless if it is paid or not. These include, but are not limited to:
  • asking or offering services for thesis, projects, or
  • answering examinations, homework, and other related activities.
    Other content deemed violating this rule is within the discretion of
    the moderators.
  1. Do not interfere with moderation.
    Admins and moderators reserve the right to have the final say on matters concerning moderation and will use their best judgement in enforcing the rules in order to foster the most supportive and healthy community here. Should there be concerns or complaints, you may send any of the admins or moderators a DM.
  2. Use English or Filipino language when conversing
    To avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding, kindly stick to either of these languages.
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