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Description / Rules

Be nice. Be mature. Follow the law. Listen to the mods. Ask your question directly (don’t ask to ask) and don’t post across multiple channels. Don’t ask people for programming help in DMs.

  1. Follow the Discord service guidelines:
  2. This is a welcoming community. All forms of abuse, belittlement, and rudeness are strictly forbidden. This includes unsubstantiated language/technology bashing, unprompted aggression, and anything unpleasant that someone else asks you to cease.
  3. Memes and shitposts are not allowed outside of #off-topic, and they are discouraged in general. Excessive meme/shitpost spam will lead to a kick/ban.
  4. Everyone on this server is a volunteer. We forbid monetary offers.
  5. We do not help with breaking the law or breaching any software, API’s or Terms of Service. The following are prohibited, do not ask for help with: sniper bots, shopping bots, ticket bots, sneaker bots, multiplayer game hacks, keyloggers, botnets, phishing, viruses or other malware.
  6. Do not post or discuss NSFW/NSFL or illegal content (this includes nicknames). Do not post or discuss piracy content. Do not post or discuss political content.
  7. No advertisement (invite links, referral links, etc.) unless explicitly asked, in which case links can be sent through personal messages.
  8. No unsolicited DMs. Do not DM other users for help regarding programming. The Mods cannot moderate DMs. It is better for your learning to have as many eyes on the problem as possible, and silent others may benefit from your questions’ answers. Note: you are always welcome to message the Mods for any server-related issues.
  9. If you are a student, we will follow academic honesty guidelines and refrain from helping where it would be unethical for us to do so, such as exams or graded class assignments (homework is allowed within reason). In the same vein, we will not provide help for ongoing competitions that forbid seeking outside help.
  10. Some channels have additional rules, specified below.

• These rules are not up for personal interpretations. There are no loopholes or technicalities. Mods enforce these rules according to the spirit of these rules and arguing that a certain behavior is not explicitly mentioned in the rules may lead to a kick/ban.

• We reserve the right to kick or ban anyone for any reason. If we feel you’re being disruptive or a detriment to the culture of the server, we will remove you.

• All disciplinary actions can be appealed. Speak with a Mod after a change of heart, or after careful consideration if you wish to accuse a Mod of abuse.
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How to ask a question

  1. Post your questions directly if you want help, without fear. Please do not ask questions like “Does anybody know about X?”, “Is #channel alive?”, “Can anybody help me?”. Everyone can see all messages in all channels and lack of new messages in a channel doesn’t mean it’s “dead” or “inactive”.
  2. Please try using a search engine before asking your question. While we try to help everybody with whatever their question is, there are many answers on the Internet and you may not need live help.
  3. Ask specific questions about your issue, and respect that everyone in this server is a volunteer. We are not servants who will write your programs for you, so we will refrain from helping people who expect spoonfeeding.
  4. If you are having trouble deciding which channel to post in, choose whatever is closest. We are lenient about channel separation because everyone is in every channel.
  5. Post your question in one and only one channel before waiting for a response. Cross posting will not get you an answer sooner, and it will split the discussion into redundant and/or conflicting answers. Directing people to your question is a better strategy than reposting it.
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