Description / Rules

Pokétown is a friendly community for pokémon and anime lovers. Our server offers you special bots, emojis and much more.

Server Rules:

1: No NSFW or gore
・Posting a NSFW/gore image/link at any time would result & automatic ban or warnings + revoke of picture perms. The same applies for NSFW/gore profile pictures, nicknames + names. This includes DMs and streams/calls.

2: No Advertising
・Do not post discord server links, social media links, clothing website links & etc without granted permission from the owners. Do not try to bypass this by mentioning your @ or gg/ code. This includes advertising in DMs. If asked about by someone else, answer them via DMs. Additionally, don’t mention it randomly to try to bait someone to ask you for a link.

3: Using the correct channels
・Make sure to read the channel description for instructions. Do not farm bots in the non-bot categories, use ones in the commands category. Most channel names are self-explanatory, make a help ticket from ⁠︰🥂︰ticket-create if you’re confused.

4: No Spamming
・Spamming is not allowed and you will be muted/banned. Use one of the bots channels to farm bots spam. This includes mass pinging users. Don’t spam ping or attempt to ping everyone. Don’t nickname yourself with bulks of symbols. If your name is that, change your nickname. Send media and images in ⁠Unknown.

5: No racism or random hate
・We have a bot to filter certain words out, do not try to bypass the bot by altering letters of the word. This includes adding a space or other symbols in. Repetitive direct hate towards another member in the server in chat shouldn’t be allowed.

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