Pika Pika


Description / Rules

Pokémon emojis & friendly people ♡

Pika Pika Rules!
ϟ┇Follow Discord’s ToS
ϟ┇Be respectful: No harassment, trolling, bullying, hate speech, racial slurs, homophobic language, or offensive language, etc. directed towards anyone.
ϟ┇No advertising: This includes all forms of advertising not limited to Discord Invites, such as promotion of other social media profiles, dm or otherwise. If you are caught, you will be permanently banned without question.
ϟ┇Zero tolerance for toxicity/drama: Keep past and present drama out of here. Disagreements and arguments may happen, but try and keep them out of the server. Keep a positive and safe environment for others.
ϟ┇SFW content only
ϟ┇No religion or politics
ϟ┇Do not use unnecessary pings: including mass pings to members, roles or trying to use here/everyone
ϟ┇Try and keep things in correct channels: if you’re unsure where to put something or confused about a certain channel, please feel free to ask staff; we’re here to help
ϟ┇Be respectful towards mods: Staff have last and final say in all matters. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact safe via ticket system by opening a ticket. ⁠ϟ┇tickets
ϟ┇Enjoy yourself! we’re happy to have you here!

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