Paradox Paws – Furry – Emojis


Description / Rules

We are a furry community dedicated on making an enjoyable experience for all of our members! We do this through running events for all!


  1. Discussions on topics that are explicitly NSFW and/or indicate a NSFW item are not allowed (Within reason). This rule may come across as a lot more relaxed in the vcs, but there are still limits, streaming porn/ porn games or any other content deemed explicitly NSFW through the VC is strictly forbidden.
  2. No spam in chats; in voice chat terms this means no screeching into your mic nonstop. In addition, excessive and unneeded fragmentation of messages counts as spam.
  3. Do not harass anyone with disturbing images, threats, etc. in DMs, let alone the staff. And, on top of this, moving harassment to DMs when told to stop within the server is also not advised. We have the right to keep our members safe, DMs or server.
  4. Do not do any minor offence and then leave to avoid punishment. (we have blargbot we can still ban you) This also includes deleting and editing offensive or rule breaking messages, we can see what you typed anyway.
  5. Do not claim traced/ heavy referenced/ stolen art as your own, always provide links to the original source as credit.
  6. Jokes or topics that specifically target and make fun of a single person or group of people in a malicious manner will not be tolerated whatsoever. Whether the target is a person within the server, not in the server, or general hate speech, such as racism and sexism.
  7. Do not provoke or encourage people into breaking rules. This goes the same for raiders, do not confront them with the means of trolling them back, just report a raid to a member of staff that’s online and ignore them. Furthermore, don’t dance around the rules listed or play dumb when confronted by staff. This rule also applies for trying to encourage toxic and dangerous behaviours (underage driving, texting and driving, etc). Doing so as a joke is ok to an extent.
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